Why Select TOX247

Here are some of the reasons to select TOX247;

  1. We provide that rapid back to laboratory sample turnaround that is so desired by workplace substance misuse countermeasures.
  2. We will return a result to you within 48hrs of the sample being received at the laboratory. Our goal is to reduce this to 24hrs.
  3. We provide both wide and narrow window test mediums to support your countermeasures and initiatives. This gives us the ability to examine recent misuse of substances as well as historical misuse issues.
  4. We can show to what extent a particular substance is being misused and challenge spiked drink scenarios as well as casual / regular substance misuse.
  5. We build a comprehensive Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) to help you, help your staff, help your company.
  6. We will be able to determine substance misuse by drug, by shift and by location.
  7. We can investigate those issues and remove them from your business which will enhance your reputation and can lead to a reduction in insurance premiums as well higher health awards.
  8. We can also help you support those employees who have fallen foul of misuse of prescribed as well illegal substances and alcohol.