Commercial Investigation Bureau

Providing experienced investigation services, meeting your company needs, where you require independent investigations.

Protecting Your Company,

Protecting Your Assets 

It is important for our commercial clients to understand the difference between the two general burdens of proof and the speed at which both operate. The CIB will very quickly gather and present all evidence and reports to the highest standard in each of its service offerings, whether the burden of proof required is ‘‘In the Balance of Probability’ or ‘Beyond all Reasonable Doubt’.

When a commercial enterprise engages law enforcement (UK) any investigative burden of proof moves from the balance of probability to beyond all reasonable doubt. The company must then rely on the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to decide whether or not they can win the case in a criminal justice system tier of courts. The civil burden of proof and litigation process is much more efficient at receiving and processing complaints to a lower burden of proof where offenders can still receive a custodial sentence.

The Commercial Investigation Bureau Ltd (CIB) provides exceptionally experienced ad-hoc or retained investigation services to companies having a need for independent investigations regardless of jurisdiction or geographic limitations.     

Full range of services cover:

  • Criminal and Civil Legislation breaches by employees or companies
  • Health and Safety Investigations / Audits
  • Forensic Financial Investigations / Asset recovery
  • Money Laundering Investigations / Policies
  • Bribery and Corruption Investigations / Policies
  • Due Diligence and Takeover Investigations
  • Liquidation / Administration Investigation Support
  • Comprehensive Risk Audits for Assessment / Management / Mitigation countermeasures (Formula-Nine-Plus Ltd, workplace culture mapping)
  • Profit / Brand Protection Protocols
  • Undercover and other covert services within Commerce and Industry
  • Private Prosecutions against those employees or other perpetrators’ who cause loss or harm to a Corporate Body or Commercial Enterprise