‘Total Workplace Substance Management’

TOX247 Ltd is a company dedicated to Total Workplace Substance Management. The company exists to support employers across all sectors and employees across all professions.

TOX247 are experts in the development of their unique Workplace Substance Management Programme (WSMP) which is built for the client, with the client in order to embed formal decision making into Corporate Governance (CG).

Jayne Hepple and Trevor Hall, Members of TOX247 executive team are the only UK registered expert witnesses in Workplace Substance Management.

What We Do

TOX247 Ltd

  • We protect ‘officers of companies’ constant culpability to criminal and civil legislations regarding illegal and legal substance management.
  • We align our copyright modular Workplace Substance Management Programme (WSMP) with company’s corporate governance.
  • We build and train the WSMP to company stakeholders and key team members.
  • We ensure your WSMP meets insurance fair presentation legislations.
  • We empower your corporate governance to be legally defensible.
  • TOX247 is a registered publisher and distributor of its own comprehensive material.

TOX247 Academy

  • Is the world’s first accredited academy in the provision of higher education equivalents, levels 4 to 7, regarding workplace substance management.
  • We train and accredit key personnel with a ‘License to Practice’ their lifetime awards, qualifies for CPD credits.
  • Our online learning platforms provide companies and students globally, the opportunity to become exemplar workplace substance management specialists.
  • The academy’s awarding body is the AIM group who are OFQUAL compliant.
  • TOX247 is the tutorial provider and the student assessment centre.
  • The courses are designed for rapid completion within Higher Educations standards.


  • Our online TOXSHOP is the route to corporate and private student enrolment.
  • All TOX247 published material can be found in our TOXSHOP.
  • Published material is ISBN and copyright protected & registered with the British Library.
  • TOXSHOP provides TOX247 clients with consumables, instant result test devices, analytical kits and analytical services.
  • TOXSHOP provides instant result test devices and consumables to non-clients.
  • The TOXSHOP is available 24/7 in support of all TOX247 business.


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