‘Total Workplace Substance Management Knowledge’

(Formal Accreditations for all Sectors and Professions)

TOX247 has developed and registered the TOX247 Academy with our awarding body the ‘AIM Group’. We have brought our extensive knowledge of total workplace substance management countermeasures into the Academy and onto our online learning platforms. The courses below are designed for practitioner accreditations at all levels from the ground up to the boardroom. The courses and unique published material is dedicated to every profession across every sector. Accreditations and competency in our subject is bereft of formal training in what is a complicated subject, regardless of profession or sector. We believe it is the largest body of work globally, from a single source in a single subject. Workplace substance management is not optional, it is mandatory within criminal law, civil law, employment law, health & safety legislation, insurance obligations, regardless of sector. If you cannot find what you need within the TOX247 Ltd provisions that means it needs to be written or developed, we can be commissioned to do that for you and with you.

Question: Do you think your profession can protect the 24/7 culpability of the officers of the company in this subject? If you do, how can you prove that at litigation. If you cannot, drop us a line: [email protected] or contact me direct [email protected]

The TOX247 Academy of Workplace Substance Management

The TOX247 Academy requires all students to have at least a level 2 education in order to enrol in any of our courses. Enrolment will be monthly for all courses. All TOX247 Academy courses are supported by our own self-published and self-distributed essential reading material, eBooks, video explanations, PowerPoints, workplace problem-based learning examples, quizzes, examinations, 1-2-1s on request, as well as course seminars across a variety of timelines globally.

The Academy itself is part of TOX247 Ltd which provides all testing and analytical support into the global workplace via its recognised Workplace Substance Management Programme (WSMP). All material is delivered via TOX247 Ltd tutors, who have specific and recognised skills that are able to deliver ‘Total Workplace Substance Management’, analytically as well as academically. Support to each course is also provided by tutors in Forensic Toxicology, Corporate Investigations, Legal, Change Management specialists, appropriately qualified academics, specific profession experts, and our own registered expert witness testimony provision.

The AIM Group is the awarding body for all TOX47 courses. TOX247 Academy is the accredited (61177) centre and author of all course material. The TOX247 Academy is also the assessing and tutorial provider.

About the TOX247 Academy of Workplace Substance Management

Until now there has been no formal qualifications for the general subject of workplace substance management or the building of WSMPs. Professions have operated within limited guidance or skills to deliver the essential level of support for employers. Too many people consider workplace substance management to be a healthcare provision and use healthcare language which does not best reflect the fact a WSMP is required for Corporate Governance, Criminal & Civil legislations, T&Cs of employment, the legal need for an Employee to be Fit for Work and the general workplace compliance needs, regardless of sector.

Sample Collection Practitioners (SCP) 

This is a TOX247 Academy Level 4/5 Certificate for TOX247 Ltd clients trained in Sample Collection Practitioner (SCP) and is a ‘License to Practise’ the accreditation. The SCP role is to gather all evidence available from the donor using the company programme of Testing & Analysis (PoTA). The SCP role is to manage the donor through the sample collection process with dignity while gathering and preserving all evidence. Read More

Programme Managing Practitioners (PMP) 

This course is an TOX247 Academy Level 5 Certificate in workplace substance management for those looking to become an accredited Programme Managing Practitioner (PMP). The certificate also provides the student a ‘License to Practice’ the accreditation. This course is designed for those professions or management levels who will now manage the evidence gathered from the company Workplace Substance Management Programme by the SCP and requires the donor and toxicological evidence to be managed within the company Workplace Substance Management Programme, company disciplinary process in the event the sample is a failed DDD or positive BTL, as well as compliance with CG, criminal and civil legislations, statutory requirements, insurance obligations, and more. Read More

Executive Leadership Practitioner (ELP) 

This is a TOX247 Academy Level 6 Diploma in workplace substance management for the accreditation as an Executive Leadership Practitioner (ELP). This course is for those existing executives or those aspiring to hold executive positions where there is a need to understand the role of the executive position in a company WSMP.  Read More

Master Practitioner (MP) 

This is a TOX247 Academy Level 7 Extended Diploma Master Practitioner (MP) course in workplace substance management. The MP course includes all material from Level 4-6, including more problem-based additional material and a 15,000-20,000 word dissertation. The dissertation is required to be sector and/or profession specific. Read More