Executive Leadership Practitioner (ELP)

TOX247 Level 6 Diploma

This is a TOX247 Academy Level 6 Diploma in workplace substance management for the accreditation as an Executive Leadership Practitioner (ELP). This course is for those existing executives or those aspiring to hold executive positions where there is a need to understand the role of the executive position in a company WSMP. This course contains all 6 units of the PMP course and an additional 3 units to meet the Academy Level 6 Diploma.

TOX247 Academy Level 6 Diploma £2200.00 Ex VAT

The Executive Leadership Practitioner (ELP) includes all of the Level 5 Certificate learning modules and three additional units for the ELP and a 5,000-8,000 word dissertation, that will need mandatory content that is country, sector, and profession specific.

The additional ELP units are:

Corporate Governance and the WSMP

  • About corporate governance (Necessary dissertation by Country)
  • Risk assessing the WSMP, stewardship of CG and insurance fair presentation (Necessary dissertation by Country)
  • Risk assessing each module of the WSMP and its role in good CG
  • Risk assessing the TOX247 Ltd three categories of test or analysis
  • Unit summary

Law and Culpability in the WSMP

  • Introduction
  • UK Legislations and the WSMP (Necessary dissertation by Country)
  • Why legislation should not be named in the SAMP
  • Consideration of aid & abet, counsel, or procure (AACP) (Necessary dissertation by Country)
  • Example of AACP in each module of the WSMP
  • Unit summary

Change Management and the WSMP

  • Introduction
  • What is change management
  • Risk management and change management (Necessary dissertation by Country)
  • Who are the stakeholders of change management
  • Change management and the WSMP (Necessary dissertation by Country)
  • Unit summary



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