A TOX247 Guide to Substance Management at Sea eBook


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VAT Exempt.

ISBN 978-1-7396015-0-8. Author: Trevor Hall. TOX247 Publications.

16,454 Words + Illustrations + Templates.

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This book is specific to the maritime industry, it is the first in a series of books by the
author who is also writing guidance for the Aviation, Logistics, and Railway sectors.
TOX247 has divisions dedicated to each of these sectors. The Maritime sector has
specific and unresolved issues for substance management at sea. Membership and
even regulatory bodies are providing woolly guidelines and then leaving shipping
lines to set standards, not currently being met. Managing substances ashore is not
the same as at sea, crew in rotation are not properly managed in this subject before
they board vessels, often bringing unresolved hidden threats and high-risk
employees into a high-risk environment. At TOX247, we address this issue by
providing specific direction through proven policies, practices, processes, and
procedures. This book is not the complete answer to workplace substance
management in the maritime sector alone. It must be read in conjunction with all
TOX247 Academy publications and courses.


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