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In support of these two full manuscripts the opportunity arose to enhance them with the
writing of 12 eBooks, breaking out each of the six chapters of this second book and the
seven of the first book. Trevor Hall has invited Jayne Hepple of TOX247 to become a co-author in
this book. Her experience as a forensic toxicologist has been invaluable. You will find a range
of new definitions in this book, in particular a specific definition of what workplace
toxicology actually is. Until now most existing workplace substance management language is
both ambiguous and misleading; this book delivers clear and decisive language and
processes for collectors and managers in any workplace environment.
This book is dedicated to the principles of collecting workplace sample mediums and
considered opinion on why workplace substance management needs to change its direction
away from what is perceived as a healthcare provision, which is far from the truth of what
workplace substance management is required to achieve by the mandates of criminal & civil
legislations, corporate governance, the legal duty of an employee to be fit for work and
many other situations that are not specific to professions or sectors.
Workplace substance management is a skill and vocation in its own right. Until now there
have been no formal qualifications for the four roles outlined in the series of books by the
author. The time has come for a change in the industry that guides employer’s culpabilities
regarding workplace substance management in all its guises. There are only three reasons to
conduct a programme of Testing or Analysis in any workplace, you need to know what they
are. TOX247 has identified them and broken down a route to protecting all professions and
sectors culpabilities and responsibilities.


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