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The sample collection practitioner’s guide to collecting back-to-laboratory (BTL)
samples directs the sample collection practitioner’s (SCP) role through the need for
evidence controls and evidence continuity for wide and narrow window sample
submissions to an accredited laboratory. Again, the industry needs to change its
approach to the difference between DDD and BTL expectations and how best
evidence is used to protect the culpability of its officers and the company reputation.
Every sample collection is an investigation as to whether something does or does not
exist that requires formal decision making within Corporate Governance. If the SCP
gets this process wrong, all evidence is compromised or lost. The SCP must
understand their role within the wider Workplace Substance Management
Programme (WSMP) and why the next role of Programme Managing Practitioner
relies on best evidence when making those formal decisions critical to the company
and the donor.


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