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The workplace substance and alcohol management policy (SAMP) is where so many
companies go wrong. The author is a registered expert witness and retained adviser to the world’s largest insurance underwriter. He has reviewed over 4,000 substance policies and not found a single policy fit for purpose. This book is for the TOX247 courses students but will be of a great benefit to those unqualified persons charged with writing a substance related policy. There is a lot to learn about what you do not put in a policy and what should be in it that is defensible. Illegal substances are
simply used, there is no misuse in this regard as the illegal nature of the drug is you
should not use. The misuse of legal substances is also a major issue as is the self-
referral of either situation. These three issues are the TOX247 categories of Test &
Analysis. You must cover these situations and others in any SAMP. The SAMP is only
one part of a four-part workplace substance management programme (WSMP), all
must set standards that when breached have consequences.


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