Programme Managing Practitioner (PMP) (Level 4)

£750 per student

Programme Managing Practitioner (PMP). £750 per student. This is a Level 4 Higher Education equivalent award and ‘TOX247 Authority to Practise’ the award. This course is only open to TOX247 clients and also requires client input and student monitoring. Duration 7-hours F-2-F, followed by an expected 50-hours of reading, research, company application, and a 5-7,000-word essay regarding the students PMP role in their company and within their specific profession. This course includes: Quizzes, videos, tutoring, a book (Workplace Substance Management: A Guide for Collectors & Managers '80,000' words), and an examination regarding:
  • Workplace Substance Management – General Awareness.
  • Burdens of Proof, Toxicology and Evidence Controls.
  • Understanding the workplace Substance & Alcohol Management Policy (SAMP).
  • Building and managing a company Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) / Substance Management Intervention (SMI).
  • Understanding the toxicology of a workplace Programme of Testing and Analysis (PoTA).

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