The Principles of Workplace Breath Alcohol Testing eBook


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VAT Exempt.

ISBN 978-17397637-7-0. Author: Trevor Hall. TOX247 Publications.

13,272 Words + Illustrations.


The Principles of Workplace Breath Alcohol Testing is an essential read for any
company or any person actively engaged in using or collecting breath alcohol
samples in a workplace situation. Too many membership organisations and sectors
use the wrong approach and apply the wrong processes to managing alcohol use /
misuse in the workplace. For TOX247 Sample Collection Practitioner (SCP) and
Programme Management Practitioner (PMP) roles this book identifies the limitations
of an unconfirmed toxicology sample result and the need for a robust workplace
substance & alcohol management policy (SAMP). Many countries and sectors have
differing maximum alcohol cut offs, the management of the result and formal
decision making must be right, be consistently and fairly applied to every donor.


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