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This book sets the standards for any workplace substance management EAP or
intervention regarding substance related issues. Too many companies and service
providers think an EAP is a rehabilitation programme – it is not. Rehabilitation for a
minor issue is certainly manageable / achievable and great side effect of the
intervention. For the more serious situations that can be extremely protracted, a
company must show how they decided to take affirmative action against any
employee. The purpose of this substance management intervention is to ensure the
employee is legally fit for duty, the company is not compromised by criminal & civil
legislation, insurance obligations are not compromised, and the officers / managers
in the company are not culpable in law or subject to aid & abet, counsel, or procure
offences being levied against them. Ignorance is no defence in law, the EAP must be structured and provide the ability of the company to make formal decisions within its Corporate Governance, while still showing it is a company with a duty of care that has been duly processed.


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